Andrew Vickers
Interactive Creative Director at Moco

Nahil is a talented and passionate designer. She sees the big picture from a brand perspective and executes incredibly fast. Working on many campaigns with Nahil, I've seen her take genuine care of the creative work she produces. With her incredible speed she still has the time to put on the target audiences shoes and in return create a campaign you'd expect out of an entire team. Not only does Nahil have a great traditional eye, she also understands interactive design and process, which has been a big help for me personally. Nahil is great, truly a great asset for any creative team.

Jill Anderson
Director of Project Management at Shinebox

Nahil is a super smart and fearless art director/designer. She designed some beautiful seasonal displays for Staples stores, including a beautiful and deceptively simple visual system for a complicated retail tape planogram. She also served an important role in bringing a new brand platform for Sanitaire to life in trade show graphics, collateral, print ads and digital ads. She is easygoing, talented and eager to contribute, and looks for ways to use technology to create efficiencies. In other words, a project manager's dream!

Gianni Gianfagna
Brand Strategy at ThinkSmart Advisors

Collaborating with Nahil, a.k.a. Bubbles, is a pure delight. Her passion for great design is coupled with a natural ability to interpret strategic insight into compelling creative ideas. Nahil’s positive attitude and “can do” spirit make conquering hard deadlines that much more fun. She’s an inspiration to her teammates and always finds time to mentor junior designers seeking creative guidance. Great things do come in small packages.

Chris Horner
Account Director at Moco

Nahil and I worked at MoCo together for about 2 years. During that time, I was impressed at how she could take very little direction and develop new solutions to old problems that met and exceeded the project goals of the project. She is always willing to help out and pushes others to reach their full potential. The work she puts out is a testament to her excellent design skills and understanding how to use design to achieve strategic selling or messaging goals. She's a great asset to any team.

Jarrod Krull
Communications Manager at Orbital ATK

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nahil on several projects for our company (creative and crisp ad;  high-end, printed product collateral materials; large scale graphic art for trade show exhibits and corporate interior graphics). Bottom line is that her work is always first class and on time. It always amazes me how easily she moves a project from concept to final product – even when the subject matter is highly technical or abstract. One of the most important attributes that Nahil possesses is her ability to work as a part of our team to help tell our story graphically – and many times in ways that I have never even thought of. I can always rely on her to do more and do better than I had imagined when the project began.

Erik Olson
Lead Copywriter at Spot Communications

Nahil is a great collaborator with creative and smart ideas. While working with her on a new earmuff campaign for 3M, our ideas fed off each other and the end result exceeded what we had initially planned. She has an eye for detail and always keeps client objectives in mind when designing. She’s awesome at meeting deadlines and dealing with last-minute changes. Nahil is fun to work with—she takes the work, if not herself, very seriously.

Molly Stapleton
Copywriter at FCB Chicago

Nahil is insanely easy to work with. From concepting to execution, she's down to do it all, and adds the right input to take the work to the next-level. And on top of all that, she STILL gets everything done right on time with perfect nails to boot.

Laura Hanser
Studio Manager at Shinebox

Nahil is a true joy to work with - extremely talented, detailed oriented, and always meets her deadlines (Typically ahead of the due date) and will take on any project handed to her. She is well respected, a team player and will be missed.

Lisa Vokaty
Sr. Art Director at Moco

Nahil is an amazing coworker, she is very knowledgeable, professional and a very talented designer. She is always willing to help, offer fresh ideas, and share her skills in computer design programs. I enjoy working with her, her positive attitude and hard work ethic is hard to find. I highly recommend Nahil, she is, talented, dedicated, and truly valuable!

Johnny Pinelli
Sr. Copywriter at Energy BBDO

I had the pleasure of working with Nahil on multiple occasions. Not only is she smart, funny and utterly creative, but she is also extremely collaborative. Her thirst for design and hunger for creativity is only matched by her professionalism and attention to detail. I truly cannot say enough great things about her.

Kelsey Knothe
Project Manager at Planet Propaganda

Nahil is a no-job-too-big-or-small dream of an AD to work with. She's smart, talented, steadfast, and solution-oriented. She remains calm in even the most chaotic situations and gets the job done, no matter what it takes. Nahil is also extremely poised and well-spoken in client meetings. She knows what she's talking about - and it helps that she really believes in everything she does. She has passion, grit, and ambition and her designs are truly inspiring. I have no hesitation when it comes to recommending Nahil, and I hope you have the chance to!

Colleen Nagel
Sr. Project Manager at Design Center

Nahil was a complete pleasure to work with at Wingnut! Having worked with her, I was constantly impressed by her experience, spirit and savvy in regard to design and strategy, and her understanding of how to work with the account team and client. 

Kelley Stafne
Sr. Art Director at Spot Communications

Nahil is a very talented art director and I really enjoyed working with her. She's got a great personality and is easy to collaborate with. Her work is always fresh and hits the mark. She is also very dependable, efficient and professional. Nahil would be a great asset to any team.

Greta Hughes
Account Manager at Goodby Silverstein

Nahil is a truly collaborative and talented designer. I worked directly with her on development of all print designs, website designs and signage for the 2014 Memory Mixer - A Party to End Alzheimer's. She was truly instrumental in making the event a real success. She's flexible, professional and has an eye for design.

Chris Weber
Director of Creative Services at Moco

From the moment I met Nahil, I knew she was a one of a kind creative. She was a student then, her work was anything but. I knew I wanted her on my team. Eventually, we made it happen. Nahil gets it. She lives it. As a member of our team, every project we ever worked on was made better because she was involved.

Ashley Tice
Account Manager at BigEye Agency

Nahil is a proactive and a hardworking contributor who would make a great addition to any team. Whether Nahil is designing a website, brochure or sell sheet - she'll ensure the messaging and design is of the finest quality. She is dependable and extremely capable of doing anything that is thrown her way.

Stephanie Gray
Co-Founder & Executive Director at CCBR

Nahil Khalife is a brilliant and talented designer!  I have had the privilege of working with her on multiple projects where she has helped make our organization's look professional and updated. She is great at coming up with her own creative ideas, as well as has a willingness to work within the parameters of specific design ideas we have had. She is easy-going as well as patient with the back-and-forth that is part of the creative process. Nahil has an energetic and enthusiastic personality, and a keen artistic mind, making her a joy to work with. 

Keely McKernan
Creative Director at Professional Litho

Nahil is a ridiculously passionate designer! I had the pleasure of working with her for a couple of years at MoCo Inc. I am in awe of her dedication to her work while juggling multiple projects at once. As a friend and colleague, Nahil would be a great asset to any team.

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